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People have referred to me as everything from a nut to a Nazi when it comes to Carseats. I am nuts for Carseats and keeping kids safe. Since Motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death for kids in the US, I think one of our top priorities needs to be keeping our children as safe as possible when in the car and if there is something available that is safer to do in the car, we should take full opportunity of that something. This is why my 2 1/2 yr old is still rear-facing and will continue to rear-face and my 4yr old was only turned forward facing (and is still harnessed and will remain harnessed) a few months ago. Also, I’m  a stickler about carseat installation and children being properly harnessed into their seats. Because if any one of those things done align (proper installation of seat, child in proper seat for their age, weight and height, and being strapped properly into their seat) they are at a higher risk of serious injury if in an accident.

So, I am getting official and have signed up for the CPST course! CPST stands for Child Passenger Safety Technician and they are those super cool and knowledgeable people who will do carseat checks for people. I have been searching for a course near to me for a good to years now and finally one is coming within an hour from me in June. I was able to sign up and am certain that as of this summer, I will be official. Now not only will I be a carseat nut, I will be a certified carseat nut. But really, I just want to see kids safe and parents empowered with understanding on what a difference using their seats correctly makes.

I know you think you are a fantastic driver and you probably are but no one is immune to the chaos that is our roads. Just this past summer I was driving through a green light (I had the right away) and a 94 yr old in a large SUV plowed right through the red, going 40 miles per hour, and gave us a nice side impact, hitting the back driver side door where my 2yr old was harnessed in rear-facing. Her seat hit into the babies rearfacing bucket seat, which bucked up. And Eve was on the other side, very shaken up but unharmed. We took the ride to the hospital to have all my hysterical children checked out and, Praise God, we were unharmed. Our carseats did their job because we easily could have been greatly harmed. You never know when something like this could happen and knowing your kids are as safe as humanly possible for this incident can make the difference between life and death for them.

My sweet babies the night of our accident. You can see how distressed Ariel was. She was the one most directly hit. She is still receiving chiropractic care for her neck since then but praise God, her carseat did it’s job and kept her whole and healthy