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No matter what, people cost money. Whether they are a 1 month old or a 99 yr old, they have expenses. But there are ways to save major money when you have a baby. Here are some basic, practical ways to save money if you are having (or have) a baby-

  • Breastfeed- It’s way more affordable than formula. Formula is insanely expensive and just making this one choice to breastfeed saves you a ridiculous amount of money.


  • Cosleep- Want to get rid of a huge piece of equipment? Skip the crib! Cosleeping is great for nursing moms and babies tend to sleep better anyways.


  • Cloth Diaper-  You can spend $80 per month for 2-3 years on diapers OR you can spend $200-$300 ONCE on diapers and never buy diapers again. Want to save even MORE on diaper cost- try Elimination Communication


  • Consignment Shop shop- There are tons of great children’s consignment shops out there for clothing. Also, outlet stores are fantastic for affordable baby clothing.


  • Convertible Carseat- Instead of getting an infant bucket carseat that has to be replaced in a year or less, skip to a convertible carseat. Something like a Graco Myride 65 is awesome for infants and rearfaces for a long time and forward faces to 65 lbs. It will last awhile!


  • Babywear- A good babycarrier, like an Ergo Carrier or a Babyhawk Carrier can be used from infancy through toddlerhood. It is great for moms who skip on the bucket seat and eliminates the need for a stroller (at least for the first year if not longer!)


  • BLW– Instead of buying jars of babyfood, make your own food for baby (whether you do purees of skip to solid solids). It’s more affordable and you know exactly what baby is being fed


  • SAHM Daycare- If you are like most moms who have to return to work, find a stay-at-home mom who opens her house up for childcare. Not only is it more personable, it is often way more affordable than a big childcare.


  • Toy Minimalist- We tend to go way overboard on toys and baby supplies. Babies are plenty happy with some stacking cups and a spoon. There’s no reason to go crazy with stuff.