Fight like a Girl

I’m basically just another stay at home mom, writing a blog, thinking I have something awesome to say, but mostly just writing about explosive diapers and why we run out of jelly before peanut butter.
I’m a co-sleeping, breastfeeding, non-vaxing, natural birthing, flexitarian eating, anti-CIO, opinionated mom. I have three daughter- ages 4, 2 and the baby. I’m also a safekids certified Child Passenger Safety Technician so I frequently share on carseat safety. My husband is pretty fantastic. He is an educator and technology director. He puts up with me and I adore him to pieces. If you are interested in technology/education posts his blog is-


My kids are Eve- 4yrs old and all personality. She is smart and quick and stops people in their tracks everywhere we go with her pizazz

Then there is Ariel who is 2. She is shy around others but all attitude and spunk when she is in her comfort zoneIMG_1533a

And Grace is the crazy baby who we looks a lot like Eve but seems to be showing signs of having Ariels tude. IMG_1625

So these are my littles. The reason I study and research and fight this battle.

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