Ariel’s lip tie

As always, my life is never calm. There is never a day where there is not something to worry about. My kids are constantly keeping me on my toes and worried. This week I had another health issue thrown my way, a lovely, humbling reminder that I am not on top of my game as I sometimes think I am. Ariel has an upper lip tie (frenulum labii superioris). In discovering Ariel’s lip tie, I checked Eve and Grace and found Grace has one as well. oh the joys. So my research begins.

I’ve found so much conflicting information on lip ties and frenectomies (the laser procedure to correct it). Ive read everything from those who say it often corrects itself and that if it is to be removed, shouldn’t be done until after adult teeth are in and gap has been treated with braces to those who say the earlier the better because it grows thicker with age and makes deeper scars, causes more health issues and makes correction harder. I have gone from “she needs surgery asap” to “she doesn’t need it until her teen years, if even” back to “the earlier the better”… and that’s just in the last 12 hours.

We have been dealing with Ariel having speech issues and she is even being evaluated for speech tomorrow but we strongly believe that between the gap and her teeth and the limited mobility of her upper lip, the lip tie is responsible for her speech issues and that her frustrations with not being understood is responsible for her behavior and extreme tantrums.

Ariel's lip tie

Ariel’s lip tie

I’ve been reading stories from other moms who have been through this like This Moms and This bloggers post, as well as all the articles by Dr. Kotlow. I am 100% decided that if my kids do need surgery, it will be done by laser and not under gen anesthesia with scalpels and stitches and lifelong lasting scar tissue. On Monday I will spend a lot of the day on the phone with doctor offices and my insurance company, finding out everything I need to know to make a final decision on it all.

Dr. Kotlow, in NY (3 1/2 hours away from me) even has wrote me this weekend to discuss Ariel and Grace some, even though it isn’t a day with office hours and we will be in touch more on Monday. I’m still open to all info, experiences and advice.

Hopefully I will be able to follow u in the near future with great news, whether the solution is to wait it out or get surgery immediately.