I love my kids. They are super awesome and my life is 1080x more fun and worth while because of them. But I have a confession to make. They are not always a blast! Actually, sometimes, I want to pull my hair out. I feel like there is this tiny tiny itty bitty corner of parenting I got a grasp on (birth through the first year of life, pretty much) but I am SO just learning and scraping by with this new fun phase of 4yr olds and (difficult) 2yr olds.

Here are a few reasons this whole parenting thing is tough.

1- They get over tired
And when kids are overtired, they are ridiculous. They are bouncing off the walls like they snorted a double length pixie stick, doing indian tribe type screaming, and their feelings are hurt because you told them puppies are cute. You would think the solution to this would be put them to bed but it just isn’t that easy. They are wired and you hurt their feelings, made them mad, and they suddenly just realized that jumping on their bed is just like walking on the moon.

photo 28

2- They are emotional
I knew having weeping and wailing would happen occasionally once they hit a curtain hormone triggering age but I didn’t expect they would be just so emotional so young. My 4yr old goes from laughing to sobbing at the most unexpected things. She cries when her 2yr old sister calls her a bunny rabbit. She cried because I said I was eating the baby (I was kissing her. I do not eat babies). She sometimes breaks down sobbing because it’s a stay home and chillax kind of day and she wants to go out. I’m not sure how to respond to all this quite yet. I force myself to hug her and reassure her but sometimes it’s really easy to forget to be sensitive. After all, not acknowledging her trauma seems to just devastate her even more.

3- They throw fits
Oh I know. You expected this one before parenting, right? Well, I expected some kind of temper tantrum stage but I had no idea my 2yr old would be able to scream for 90 minutes straight over not getting to wear her sneakers one day. I didn’t know that she would throw a fit every.single.day over getting out of pajamas and into her clothing and I did not know that she’d throw herself on the floor and go completely limp when we need to go to a store she doesn’t want to go to. She is a TOUGH 2 year old and I’m still stumped on what to do but she is exhausting, that’s for sure.

photo 26

4- They do not take me seriously
I guess I have not really gotten defined enough on what consequences are for actions in this house. We do a modified “time out” on the couch if someone hurts someone else. We don’t tolerate hurting. But a lot of the time, I’m just grasping at straws for consequences for actions. One of these days I’ll pick up a good book on how to handle them. Until then, They just kind of laugh at me until I get annoyed enough to take away the toy or object causing the chaos and separate the kids from each other.

photo 27

5- Water is acidic in child eyes
What? You didn’t know this? Well, let me explain. I have found that bath water burns into their eyes and causes high pitched screams and jumping up out of the tub and begging for towels to wipe their faces with. This includes soapless water. It is very difficult to wash hair out of kids hair (kids who do not like having to look up while in the tub and wiggle and squirm the entire time you try to wash them) without getting some water in their eyes. I have learned to always have a towel on hand so that the their eyes can get wiped and we can save their retinas from disintegrating.


I could probably come up with more if you asked but these are the main things. Keep in mind, for every 1 “down side” of parenting, I could write up a list of at least 10 awesome parenting facts. My kids really do rock. But like anything, they are real. This whole parent thing isn’t getting glamorized today. I’ll let you know what else is difficult as soon as Grade is old enough to do something a bit more frustrating. 🙂