People always tell their kids they can be and do anything. Want to be president? Go for it? A lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, a chef- it’s all yours little one. We don’t really mean it, though. We don’t really mean that our kids are limitless in this country of the Free. All one has to do to see that is walk into just about any toy store/section of their store.
The first thing you see are the hot pink Isles neighboring the red and blue Isles. Sometimes even signs hanging overhead labeling them as “Girls” and “Boys”.
The girl aisles and filled with toys that teach girls how to clean, cook, be mommies, dress fashionably, and their do hair and makeup. Sometimes they get to also play with puppies too. The boy Isles teach them to fight, drive, destroy, and build. How is this teaching our kids they can be anything? Sure, Our child could wander into the other isles and explore those toys but once they are old enough to read it is clearly labeled for them to see that if they wander over there they are less of a girl or less of a boy because those items are meant for.

Taking away the labels of boy toys and girl toys is not erasing the definition of boy and girl. It’s expanding the horizons of who we can be and who our kids can pretend to be. It shows our sons that there is nothing emasculating about playing they are dads or playing in a kitchen set. After all, they will grow to be men who most likely father children and cook meals. And since girls grow to build things and drive cars and become police officers and join the military, it makes sense that they should be able to play those things as children without being labeled as “Toms Boys” (as if they are less of a girl than anyone else because they play all kinds of games).

For more about the movement to change Toys and expand our children’s world and desexualize and un-genderize toys- checkout Pigtail Pals

After all, who decided what toys was for who? Advertisers. That’s it. And just the way us adult women don’t like being told we need to be home in the kitchen, we should not be ok with our daughters being told that they should be home playing kitchen. Let’s raise some liberated women!