Our lives are filled with so many wars. From the hundreds of internal wars we face per day on how to handle little situations to the wars we fight with our bodies- how to look, how to act, how to birth- and the wars we fight with our mouths- the mom wars on facebook, the blogger wars.

I personally have fought and still fight and continue to fight all these wars. How do I, as a Christian, balance out being a free, liberated woman who desires to raise liberated little women?

I have three daughters and they will not be raised to be weak. I have fought to have them. Fought to have VBAC’s, fought to keep their bodies clean and pure of vaccines, fought to breastfeed publicly and fought to teach them that we can be awesome and free and humble and bold.

I fight for my mom friends. I fight their hospitals and their OBGYN’s. I fight their pediatricians. I fight for their children. You might say I’m aggressive. I’m not aggressive. I’m passionate. I’m passionate for myself and for my children and for those around me and for their children. So here I am, fighting these wars. Sometimes the same ones over and over and over because eventually something has to alter. Change has to take place. Our bodies will belong to us and we will awake from this illusion of freedom and enter a truer freedom.

I am mom.