As I get closer and closer to Grace turning a year old, other than getting really depressed over how fast my babies grow, I have been obsessing over getting my tattoo touched up! I got my breastfeeding tattoo (my first ever tat) for mothers day last year in 2012. It has the scripture Isaiah 66 11-13 on it.
ImageI’m, personally a huge fan for it other than the fact that it needs a touch up because the artist forgot to color the bottom part of it Red. Also, I’m not a huge fan for the two spots on the top of the heart that are faded out. It looks like he stuck his thumbs into paint before it dried and caused it to be lighter there. So a touch up is a must for those little things.
In addition to this, like a good tattooed person…. I want more. It’s true what they say. Tattoos are like potato chips and I cant just have one. I want to expand on it. I want to add some pretty swirly, swiggly design (you can tell from my in-depth artistic vocabulary why I don’t do the drawing)with a dove (or more?) flying from it. I can’t wait to get this drawn up. So, are you artsy? Because you are free to draw for me if you like. Otherwise, I’ll just bring it to a local tattoo artist. So this is my current obsession. Along with all my other nonstop obsessions, of course.
photo courtesy my 4yr old, Eve- hence, the lovely blurriness